Sunday, October 22

I love it when unschooling "lets us know" its there and working...

Its been busy this month. Going to work again (uck), preparing (or trying to) for Storm's Blue's Clues birthday party, Dave and I taking classes at the Akron Main Library, Dave trying to put together a comprehensive business plan for the welding place, trying to organise talks with my parents and me and visits for the kids and grandparents... You know, *life* LOL

Well, work's extremely boring, but I expected that-data entry and all... One good thing about it is that I have time to read on my breaks and have really gotten into Kohn's "Punished by Rewards" and loving it. I also have the ability to listen to audio books WHILE working, but can't seem to find any of the unschooling/parenting books I want through the library. Wonder if there's a "Netflix" for audio books... I'm sure there is somewhere. Work also adds 8 hours to the already huge amount of time I spend on the computer and my hands, wrists, shoulders and back are letting me know it!

Today we had one of those great moments:
My mom had called from their trip out west to see her brother and compete in the barbershop singing nationals to let me know they'd be in tomorrow. When we were done, Wyl wanted to talk to her and I over heard him say "Arizona??", guessing that she'd told him that's where they were, "Isn't that in Mexico?" Wow. That was so cool-I wouldn't have known at that age that Arizona was near Mexico! A year older, I would have, but only because I had gone on a cross-country trip with my surrogate grandparents and cousin and had been through it, experienced it, seen the maps numerous times, etc. Wyl has loved looking at maps since he was very young-3, maybe?-and has just absorbed information because he enjoys it! Dave traveling for work later on created a "need" for him to have more information about the continental USA, so that he could follow Daddy's progress and see something he could focus on, touch, relate to and feel that he really *knew* where Daddy was-I think it was a connection of some sort. He still loves to look at maps and tell me what exit we're passing, look for towns we'll be going through, comment on alternate routes... but he hasn't been much interested in USA-map-looking since Dave came off the road.

Oooh... Which reminds me.... Jackie Chan Adventures cartoon today had us wanting to look up the legend of Chupacabra... if I can figure out how to spell it right. Wikkipedia, here I come!


dharmamama said...

Hi! Found your blog through a link on Sandra's. Have you heard of It's like Netflix for audiobooks, but they're digital - you can download the books to your computer or iPod. I haven't used the service, but several friends do, and really enjoy it.

I've enjoyed reading your blog, following your journey! Nice to get to know you a little better!

De said...

Thank you. I get bemused pleasure whenever someone says they enjoy my writing. Granted, I *did* intend for people to read it, it just surprises me that they actually *do*. When they *like* it as well.... gosh, I feel like I'm getting away with something ;~)