Monday, November 20

My thoughts for the day...

My goodness! So many unschooling-affirming things have been happening in the last couple months. Work has left me with no time to blog, so I've neglected this a lot, but I have a little time today... probably not enough for all I have to say! LOL I was sending myself little notes to refer to when I got around to blogging, but I can't seem to locate them, so I'll see if I can edit at a later time... or maybe I'll just save it as draft until next I have time for posting!

I know that one thing that stuck out in my mind was a point where Wyl (7) asked what direction the earth turned in. Dave answered and Wyl then said, "So, if I walked *this* way (demonstrating the direction he'd be walking on the earth), then I wouldn't go anywhere..." (Meaning that he'd be walking against the earth like a treadmill or escalator). Wow. What realm would that be in-physics? I thought that was an amazing insight. Dave said that the world traveled too fast for that to actually happen, but I commented that it was a super idea and I thought it was very clever. We're both (Dave and I) still working on the "waiting before giving more/too much information" stuff. :~)

Storm (2 a few weeks ago) is still not clear in his speech, but is a great communicator, none-the-less. One of his favorite "games" is naming alphabet letters and most of his favorite books are about the letters. Though he loves "Mr. Brown Can Moo" a lot, too! :~D .... Drat. There was something that really stood out in my mind that he showed us recently, but I can't remember it.

I've had a constant headache for the last 2 days. I've never had a headache for HALF a day before, so this is testing my patience.

OOOH! I know!! Wyl again-he had gotten his allowance and was at the store with Dave last week when he remembered that I had commented a few days before that I had a "taste for" an Almond Joy. Did he remind Dave of that? Did he suggest Dave buy one for them to bring home to me? Nope. He bought the candy bar and brought it home for me! There were so many conflicting emotions that I had... embarrassment that he spent a chunk of his "small" allowance for something I didn't "need" AND that I could buy myself, surprise, some weird feeling I don't know what to call that had something to do with being on the receiving end of "giving for the joy of it", and joy and pride that my oldest son is thoughtful and sharing and selfless. At least some times. ;~)

Then, two nights ago, Wyl *without prompting, suggestion, asking, etc.* chose to start picking things up in the living room! He picked toys up off the floor and lined up the bins they go in and made a game out of tossing them into the right bins. He very carefully and painstakingly wound up all the game controller cords and put the consoles and the controllers very neatly away in the entertainment center. He very carefully and neatly made up his "bed" on the couch. He did all this without commenting or drawing my attention to what he was doing. I thanked him hugely for that.

BWC has Dave on this huge workload... The doctor that was seeing him wrote in the chart that he was "not improving" and so BWC takes that as he's as better as he's going to get instead of allowing him to get the surgery the previous doctor had recommended. So, now they're saying he has to go back to work, filling out 15 applications a week. That's very hard, since offices are open about 8-5 and I have to leave for work at 2. Not to mention that they give NO allowances for interviews (he has a 3 hour one scheduled for Wednesday), and NO allowances for holidays like Thanksgiving and the Friday after Thanksgiving when there are few-if any-offices open. And even if there WERE, the hiring personelle are unlikely to be in, anyhow. Bleah. With all that on our plates, we have no time for working out the business plan for the welding place, the gift-giving holidays are fast approaching and things are hectic and crazy. We did get to have a nice afternoon yesterday, as we went out to Olive Garden with one of Dave's friends-from-the-past that he recently got in contact with again. He had a really good time and I got bits and pieces of adult conversation in between Storm's newfound desire to climb all over me and then get down and lie in the middle of the floor looking at the ceiling... LOL

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