Friday, November 30

Funny how your kids' desires so easily become our own...

Storm has been asking to go to Green Island (Discovery Channel kid's science-themed cartoon "Peep") all week. I kept meaning to Google it-I figured there was a Green Island SOMEwhere, but kept forgetting. He said it again about a half hour ago, as I sat at the computer. "Oh, yeah!" I said, pulling up a window and going to Google. As I scanned down the page, nothing really looked good until I hit Wikipedia. Love wikipedia! So, what does Wikipedia say? Only a list of 31 Green Islands, all over the world! Excellent! Now I'm starting to perk up. Oh, wow-four under Canada! "Peep" is made in Canada-maybe the "actual" Green Island is! OHIO! Oh, boy!! Now, I'M excited!!! I read off the entire list to my family, half way through, I get to Green Island, Ohio!! (Though at this point, *my* vote would be for the one in Jamaica-LOL) So, after I finish reading, I google Green Island, Ohio. Not only is it *in* Lake Erie (about 50 miles from us), but it is just off Sandusky-*where we are going for the WWUG gathering in January*!!!! It takes me several tries of Google before I finally find a few details and a *map* and I'm hopping in my chair, babbling excitedly because maybe-just maybe-I can give my 3 year old this wish that must seem *so simple* to him. After all, Quack just "floated" Peep and Chirp over to it, right? Its on our t.v. about once a week-easy and simple, right? Well, I found what I needed: -it even has a lighthouse. Oh boy-now I'm disapointed. The lighthouse and grounds are closed-it is a wildlife sanctuary. A bird sanctuary. I break the news to Storm, "We can't actually go *on* Green Island, honey. It is only for birds." What is my kid's reaction? "Oh. Yeah." In the tone of voice that says, "of course. Only birds. That makes sense." LOL I tell him that some day we may be able to find a boat where we can drive up to Green Island and *look* at it, but he's really not interested any more. The birds have an island that is just for them and that's how it is.

They teach me something new every day.

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