Saturday, September 22


Some of my favorite threads on UD and AL are the connection ones. Funny, but I never make that *connection* when we have them here!

Wyl asked me the other day what "star bird" meant. "Star Bird??" I asked. "Yeah, I heard it on SpongeBob the other day." LOL Ah, starboard. So, as I begin to explain that it is one of the 4 sides of a ship (one of the 2 sides, 2 ends??), I am explaining I can never remember which is left or right, so I offer to Wiki it. I will take *any* excuse to Wiki!! Yes, he says, but not now.

I tend to go overboard with info I find on Wiki... information overload for Wyl. He often has to tell me "Stop, Mama! That's all I want to know." And so I shut my mouth, but I continue reading and making connections.

So, the next day or the day after that, I remember and I look it up while Wyl is sleeping. In my previous explanation to him, I had mentioned "fore" and "aft", but in reading through the Wikipedia page, I saw no mention of these, but I saw "stern"... So, after I read through starboard, I plugged in aft, figuring there would be less choices than if I tried "fore". Jeeze-all kinds of cool stuff, and now I will definitely remember left is port!! In that page was an offshoot connection to the Vikings, for which we all have a fondness for here. And then, popping up today in Power Rangers was a reference to Loki, the God of Mischief! Which reminds me that we can't find our awesome book of world mythology, so maybe I will spend some time searching for that this weekend. At any rate, all this reminds me of the *too* awesome video from years ago... I'm not sure what the exact name of it was, but we call it Viking Kitty which had a pre-YouTube video(?) of two kittens with viking helmets sailing in their viking boat to the tune of Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song. Gotta go look that one up.... and the connections continue...

Ah! Found it!! They are sooo cute-for those kitten and/or Zeppelin (or just plain odd stuff) lovers out there:

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hahamommy said...

Port and Left each have four letters, it's how I remember Port (L) from Starboard (R) :) throw that in offhanded next time, you'll be a hero :D