Sunday, January 21

Little Surprises

I'm thinking this is one of those pages I'm going to have to revisit and edit. I've tried e-mailing notes to myself about little ideas to expand on in the blog, and I just keep forwarding them to myself. SO... I figured since I'm online, have the Explorer window open and could take a few minutes, I'd jot a little something that crossed my mind today.

Wyl got out and set up the Pixar Monopoly today while I was helping Storm get to sleep (Dave may be getting a traveling job again soon, and we figured I'd better start participating in the sleep ritual!), and the 3 of us sat down to play when I finally made it downstairs. He paid and made change fairly well with bigger denominations and things in denominations of 5 and 10, made a couple small errors (mostly because of excitement and hurrying :~) ) that were easily and gently fixed. Then came up something where he had to give me change from an odd amount that involved ones-I think the change I was supposed to get was 28-and as I considered whether to offer to help, wait to see if he asked or see if I could define that very fine line between concentration and frustration to jump in and offer help or give the answer... and before I could even get this fully expressed in my brain, I watched him quickly count it out and hand it to me! No debating or concentration needed! LOL I didn't realise he could subtract so quickly in his head.

4:36am - Sheeeesh! It took forever for me to figure out the new Explorer and how to move around my links AAAAND how to edit this page! I forgot to mention that The boys all had a BLAST with a balloon kit Dave got a couple weeks ago. A balloon helicopter, 2 rockets (and squealers in them as they go! LOL), a balloon pump, and balloon animal balloons AND book on how to make them! Kept them busy for hours! Oh, and along the same lines as "air-filled latex".... Wyl got a self-filling whoopie cushion for the holidays and Storm discovered it yesterday. Sigh... sometimes the fart jokes and potty humor REALLY make me wistful for a gal around here... LOL

January 22, 7:42am - Gee, should I just start another page? LOL I just remembered: a week or so ago, shortly after Dave and I were talking about whether or not to buy another bottle or nipple for Storm (how long ago did we accept that he would not "need" to be weaned from a bottle??) Storm refused the bottle Dave offered him! I had been offerring a choice occasionall for a week or so, and once or twice he took the cup, but mostly still liked the bottle. Dave was kind of hesitant, due to the cost of the bottles (Avent), and the fact that Storm doesn't really USE them as bottles in a "nursing" way, but chews on them until the holes are broken open and they're more like a big straw. Anyhow, that day, Storm was adamant-shook his head "No." Dave offered the cup and he was very happy to be able to have his desires understood. He's never gone back. Man, this letting the kids decide when they're gonna grow up at the rate they decide is tough! (joke)

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